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The Roads of India.
The Working Camels of India
Caravan of Camels

Camel caravans are still a very prevalent part in the every day life throughout much of India, with the largest numbers are being used in the northern provinces of Rajasthan. Here you will find the cities of Bikaner, Pushkar and Jaipur just to name a few that use camels for moving goods throughout town and into the surrounding country sides.
This caravan is hailing large bags fulled with one of the many types of grasses or tree leafs that will be used for feeding camels, horses, oxen, water buffalo and maybe even some elephants.
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Camel men in India may not have much but they are one of the
friendliest and happiest people your likely to meet!

Different ways camels are used

In some of the more remote villages, camels are still used by the post office for their mail service. Camels pulling carts are used in banking and they are even used to draw water out of deep water wells. A camel can pull a two-ton load, wereas an ox can pull only a one ton load and unlike horses the camel can live in very harsh conditions. A program was recently started to equip all camel carts with reflectors to help cut down on nighttime accidents in the cities.

Camel Running Camel Running          Camel Running                     Camel Running

Terrible camel vs. vehicle accidents happen all too often on these narrow roads. This one happened when a truck being overloaded with a very wide load and sideswiped the two camel carts. One camel was killed, but the condition of the camel men who ride high upon the top of the camel cart's load was unknown.