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Old historic photos of camels in the Middle East; I hope that you will enjoy your visit here and learn a little bit more about how useful these animals have been to mankind, from watering crops to building cities in some of the most remote and harsh places on earth.

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Middle East Camels.

Over the years we have been building up a large collection of these rare photos. We have hundreds of them that have yet to be restored and added to these pages, so please check back often to view more. If you are looking for something special, send us an email.

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Camels Crossing the Nile Bridge 101 KB Cairo, Dromedary Camels with loaded packs crossing the Kasr en-Nil Bridge
The Wall of Daved 101 KB 1890's The Wall of David, camels and horses at a rest stop outside the Wall of David.
camels Pulling a Buggy 49 KB David's Gate, Camels passing through David's Gate.
Camels and Baby Donky 102 KB 1907 At the edge of town a baby donkey keeps an eye on the camels packing through.
Camel pulling water cart 39 KB Camel pulling an old wooden water cart. Interesting view of a camel harness and saddle setup.
Men and camels at rest. 68 KB Nomadic tribal camel men, resting their camels out in the deserts hot, midday sun. Good views of some beautifully decorated camel saddles.
Camels Packing Along The Dead Sea 98 KB 1904 The Dead Sea, a long pack train of Dromedary camels traveling along the Dead Sea.
Camels, Suez Canal 98 KB A camel staging area at a small pier along the Suze Canal, pack camels are being loaded onto an old wooden barge, transporting them and their precious cargo across the canal.
Camel Transport 105 KB Sabara Algerian. Camel caravan of nomads transporting the family on camels.
Taking whole the family out for a Sunday ride 78 KB Taking the whole family out for a Sunday ride. This type of saddle was often covered, offering shade and protection for its riders.
Camel Crossing River 93 KB Egypt 1880, A pcaktrain of camels crossing the river on a floating bridge, that is held up by numerous boats
Camel Boys 54 KB 1880's Wells of Moses near the Suze Canal
Camel Boys 82 KB 1880's Egypt Suez, Moses Wells. Boys playing on camel at oasis
Camel Men 70 KB 1880's Egypt, Camels carrying pots full of water
Camel 1907 98 KB 1907 Egypt, Exposition Coloniale 1907. Good photo showing off how a camel and camp are setup, only this one has a wood floor and is in a grassy park setting.
Camel carriage 91 KB 1896 Outside the east wall of Criro Egypt. Palanquin carried between two camels
Camel Men 94 KB Egypt, Lovely view of a Mariage Procession with a beautiful coach and camels all dressed up. Would you like to view this setup without all of the trappings covering the camels? ( lets see )
Camel Wedding Coach 66 KB Egypt, Marriage Procession. In a time without cars, this was surely the way to travel on your wedding day or a special occasion. I counted 47 bells on the first camel.
Camel Wedding 91 KB 1911 Egypt, Camel Marriage Procession. These camels are beautifully adorned for the marriage ceremony.
Camel Stage Coach 91 KB Egypt, 2 Dromedary camels pulling a old stage coach
Camel for two 105 KB 1905 Jerusalem Man on Camel.
Camel for two 90 KB 1905 Camel loaded down with the people.
Smoking on a Camel 85 KB 1870s Egyptian man with his camel.
Man on Camel 86 KB 1870s Egyptian man on a camel smoking a hookah pipe.
Man on Camel 86 KB Camel Market.
Man on Camel 86 KB 1890's Large camel caravan leaving town fully loaded with supplies. Some caravans had over a thousand camels it them.
Man on Camel 86 KB At the Races, Two camels stand by while the races are going on in the background. Men on horses are lining both sides of the race track viewing the races.
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