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China, Mongolia and India

Camel wings
Old historic camel photos of pepole working with camels in China, Mongolia, and India, along with some of the interesting things people were doing with them back then.
We have over a thousand of these old historic photos and postcards that have yet to be restored and posted here. So please check back often to view the latest ones.

Camel Train
85 KB 1902 The Nankow Pass. A small camel train and some donkeys from Mongolia enroute to Peking, passing through the Pa-ta-ling Gatway of the Great Wall of China. Would you like to see a (Close-up) of the camels?
Camel pulling a sled
86 KB 1880's Out in the cold weather four men fully clad in warm animal skins and a Bactrian camel pulling a supply seld across the harsh barren land.
Bactrian Camels at Rest
101 KB 1901 Camel Square in Peking, China. Camels and camel handlers at rest. Good Stereoview Photo. Would you like to see a (Close-up) of the camels?
Camels along the great wall
75 KB 1908 Traveling along the Great Wall in Peking, a pack train of Bactrian camels are transporting much needed goods to isolated desert tribes, as the wind starts picking up blowing sand.
Bactrian pack camels
99 KB 1907 Bactrian pack camels hailing the loads along the Great China Wall as their forefathers have done for centuries. The old camel trail is worn into the earth from centuries of use.
Bactrian Camels Peking
82 KB 1932 Bactrian Camels packing supplies in Peking China, along the Great China Wall.
Bactiran Camel caravan
95 KB A Caravan of large Bactrian Camels packing goods outside the City Walls of Peiping, China.
Bactrian Camel Caravan
86 KB (Panoramic view) 1900's Bactrian Camel Caravan. A caravan of Bactrian camels loaded up with supplies are traveling around the great China Wall.
Bactiran Pack Camels
89 KB 1890's Pack trian of Bactrian camels, Check out the type of saddles they are using.
Camel Wagon Train
85 KB 1912 India, Two camels pulling a old Indian camel wagon. Good views of a camel saddle and harness rig setup. Would you like to see a (Close-up) of the camels?
Two Camels Pulling a wagon
90 KB 1908 India, two camels pulling a dubble decker wagon, good view of camel saddles and rig. Would you like to see a (Close-up) of the camels?
Camel With Saddle
86 KB Jalpur, India. Beautify decorated camel adorned with tassels.
The Lieutenant Governor's Camel Carriage
86 KB 1897 India, The Lieutenant Governor's Camel Carriage, Bengal. The uncouth and clumsy camel, harnessed to a vehicle representing the latest triumphs of European carriage-building, furnishes indeed an odd contrast.
Camel Caravan Resting
96 KB Indian, Early 1900's. Camel transport. Indian Ferry, Mooltan.
Bactiran Pack Camels
56 KB 1918 Peking, Lastkamele. A small caravan fo Bactrian camels going through town.
Camel Caravan Resting
86 KB Early 1900's Smyrne - Caravane de Chameaux. Caravan of Camels.