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Camels in Australia

Camel wings
Old historic photos of camels in Australia. We hope that you will enjoy your visit here and learn a little more about the Australian camel. Most were used for pulling wagons and heavy loads.
We have over a thousand of these old historic photos and postcards that have yet to be restored and posted here. So please check back often to view the latest ones.

12 Camels pulling wagon
80 KB Australia, 12 Camel team pulling a wagon load of wool. Good view of camels, you can even see the camel bell around their necks.
Camels Working on The Trans Australian Railway
55 KB Camels working on The Trans Australian Railway packing timber during construction of line. Would you like to see a 218 KB (Close-up) ?
8 Camels pulling wagon
64 KB Australia, 10 camels pulling a wagon full of much needed water in the Australian Outback during construction of the railway.
8 Camels pulling wagon
65 KB 1905 Australia, Driving camels in harness, South Australia.
8 Camels pulling wagon
65 KB Australia, 12 camels with wagon and drover.
8 Camels pulling wagon
65 KB 1900's Bourke, Australia. Camel Train and cameleers, the camel teams which travel from Bourke to distant outpost.
8 Two Men Riding Camel
91 KB 1906 Australia, Camel Ridding Far North, South Aust.
4 Camels pulling wagon
76 KB Australia, 4 camels pulling a wagon up a steep hill, haling valuable gear in the Austraian Outback during the construction of the railway.
4 Camels Packing Chaff
94 KB Australia Commonwealth Railways, Large pack train of Dromedary camels haling chaff in the Austraian Outback during the construction of the Trans-Australian Railway.
1942 Camels pulling wagon
97 KB 8 Camels pulling a wagon in the Astralin outback.
camels pulling wagon
85 KB 10 Camels pulling a large wagon fulled with 10 tons of charcoal.
1910 camel pulling buggy
85 KB 1910 Australia, camel pulling a buggy.
Camel Team
85 KB Australia, A camel team going out-back. Baby camel sneeking a drink from mom