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Camel wings
Some of the best camel tales and folklore from around the world. Most stories tales like these were handed down from generation to generation to help teach us a little truth and wisdom.
Storytellers were always an important part of village life and in cultures where camels were needed to help people survive, the wise old camel always made for a good story.

Camel Tales, Folklore & Legends.

In these old stories and wise tales can be found truth and wisdom.

Camel Folklore & Legends:

Camels Going Without Water

The Red Ghost Camel Legend

Camel Fables & Wise Tales:

Why The Camel Rolls In Ash Fable

How The Camel Got His Hump Mongolian Folktales

The Camel's Nose In The Tent Fable

The Little Camel Caravan Fable

The Camel & His Friends Fable from India

Links to Other Good Camel Stories:

The Christmas Camel by Marisa Montes

Derik, The Singing Camel by Margo Fallis

Derik, The Camel by Margo Fallis

The Camel Twins by Margo Fallis