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Old historic photos of camels in Africa; I hope that you will enjoy your visit here and learn a little bit more about how useful these animals have been to mankind, from watering crops to building cities in some of the most remote and harsh places on earth.

Camel wings
Camels in Africa.

Over the years we have built up a large collection of these rare photos. We have hundreds of them that have yet to be restored and added to these pages, so please check back often to view more. If you are looking for something special, send us an email.

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camels Pulling a Buggy 101 KB 1901 Sahara Desert, six camels with riders on them pulling a buggy over the desert
Camels and men at rest 77 KB Men and Camels at rest. Good view of some Taureg, forked horn camel saddles.
Camels with Taureg Fork saddles 77 KB Men praying with some more good views of a Taureg, forked horn camel saddle.
Camel for two 106 KB March 31, 1912. This is the way we travel in Africa, at least some parts of it. Beautiful old photo showing one of the ways camels were used with a saddle for two.
Hundreds of Pack Camels 98 KB DAK Afrika, Hundreds of Packed Camels, a conservative estimate; there are well over a thousand camels -- all loaded with caravan goods, barrels, cloth, saddles, and other sundry items. There is a period caption in French indicating the location of the caravan (80 kilometers east of Tella?). Would you like to see a close-up?( lets see )
camels Pulling a Buggy 84 KB 1905 Bedouin camels and tent set up in the desert.
camels Pulling a Buggy 55 KB 1915 Beduin and camels in the desert setting up their camp while their camels find food.
camels Pulling a Buggy 75 KB Bedouins at camp with their tent set up and a camel out in front.
camels Pulling a Buggy 88 KB 1907 Bethlehem, Camels and people on the busy streets of Bethlehem
camels Pulling a Buggy 57 KB Sahara Desert, Camels with saddles and rigging on their backs.
camels Pulling a Buggy 57 KB Native lime mill in the Sheikh Othman Village.
camels Pulling a Buggy 59 KB 1917 One of the many types of old camel powered water wells.
camels Pulling a Buggy 80 KB Another type of camel powered water well.
camels Pulling a Buggy 75 KB Camels pulling water up from a deep well.
camels Pulling a Buggy 83 KB Algeria, Camels at rest near a old well.
camels Pulling a Buggy 81 KB Camels at rest in front of the cigarettes factory.
camels Pulling a Buggy 46 KB Camels traveling in the desert on the Ancient road to Bethlehem.
camels Pulling a Buggy 64 KB 1914 Palestine, Cana of Galilee and its well, about four miles northeast of Nazareth. Camels drinking from the town's old well.
camels Pulling a Buggy 85 KB Camels knelling down in the desert drinking water from a small canal.
camels Pulling a Buggy 71 KB Chameaux baraques en bivouac. Camel caravan at rest on the outside of town.
camels Pulling a Buggy 56 KB 1907 Le Repos du Chamelier, Woman getting camels ready for a trip to get much needed supplies.
camels Pulling a Buggy 44 KB A good view of some old camel saddle as the camels pass by while grazing.
Hundreds of camels 63 KB Maroc Typique, Hundreds of camels being ridden through the vast desert.
camel 63 KB Camel caravan stopping for a break in the vast desert.
camels At David's Gate 49 KB David's Gate, Camels passing through David's Gate.
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