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Camel wings
Here you will find out what a camel sounds like alone with seeing how they move. Have you ever seen a playful camel with happy feet?
Stick around, check out some of the camel & zebra video clips, and come back soon too see new ones!



Video Clip #1 - 184K A zebra and camel say hello to you.

Video Clip #2 - 173K Camel Speak.

Video Clip #3 - 142K Camel Cush.

Video Clip #4 - 638K Camel, Zebra, Horses running down trail.

Video Clip #5 - 520K Taking a bath with a camel.

Video Clip #6 - 182K Working with camel's feet.

Video Clip #7 - 198K (zebra) Climbing on Dandy's back.

Video Clip #8 - 135K (zebra) Working with Dandy's feet.

Video Clip #9 - 359K Riding along trail with pack camel, zebra and horse.

Video Clip #10 - 575K Gobi helps, packing things up at camp.

Video Clip #11 - 494K (zebra) Climbing on Dandy's back and working with her feet.

Video Clip #12 - 368K (zebra) How to put a halter on a zebra, and live too tell about it!

Video Clip #13 - 262K Horses, camel and a zebra running down the trail past camera.

Video Clip #14 - 435K Camel, zebra and pack horse following me on camping trip.

Video Clip #15 - 410K Close-up of camelís foot, see how the toes move and pad flexes.

Video Clip #16 - 572K Slow-motion showing a camel running and happy feet.

Video Clip #17 - 369K Play Time. Camel and Zebra come running when called.


Special thanks go out to the animals Gobi, Dandy and Creek for being the stars of these video clips.