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Camel wings
I think you'll find these camel photos even funnier than the last ones. So check them out, you may be surprised when you see some of the funny things camels are doing
If you have any funny camel photos or jokes would like to see here please send them to us for posting. Even better yet, make up your own camel jokes and if it's good we will post.


Where is the water

I want to go for a swim, where is my water? I know there was some here yesterday.

I will find some water

I think it's time for me to find a new pool, this one is just too small, maybe the neighbor's kids have one I could use? I see you over there, can I come over and play in your pool?

I will just lay in my pool

Okay, I will just have to lay here in my pool until someone comes by filling sorry for me. Then they will get me a beautiful new swimming pool.

My new swiming pool

Oh yes, this one is much better. A big swimming pool with palm trees and just take a look at all my new toys. A camel could get use to a life like this.

The leaf blower

I love the breeze in the morning

This leaf blower is almost as much fun as sticking my head out the window when going fast down the freeway.

I just love leaf blowers
I just love leaf blowers, does it show? I wish he would turn it on high for even more fun.