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Camel wings
How many different types our there? I don't think anyone knows. There black ones, white ones, gold ones even spotted ones and they just keep coming. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones.
Next time someone asked did you see that F1 camel you can say yes, but I like that F2 better and that spotted Dromedary was so cute, but I prefer the Jaisalmeri, Kutchi and Bikaneri camels more.

Bactrian Camels

Bactrian Camels

Bactrian camels are well suited for cold climates with rugged terrain. With their shorter legs and stout bodies they can walk over slippery surfaces that dromedary camels can't handle.

Hybrid F-1 Camel

Hybrid camels

F1 hybrid camel are half-Dromedary and half-Bactrain cross. F1 hybrids are the largest camels and make for good draft animals, They have one large hump on their backs.

F-2 Bactrain hybrid camel

F2 Hybrid Camels

F2 Hybrid Bactrian camel, 3/4-Bactrain 1/4-Dromedary. Like the Bactrian camel they can walk over ice, mud, snow, and slippery surfaces. A good all around camel that can handle steep rocky mountain trails.

White Dromedary camels

Snow-white Dromedaries

They are faster and can travel more miles in a day than the Bactrain camel. Good in deserts, flat land or rolling hills, not good on slippery surfaces.

Black Camels

Black Camels

Black camels are more rare than white camels. These beautiful black dromedaries are bred for show and their beauty. Some places consider them to be adverse and bad luck