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Traveling on great golden ships that have no sails, we ride high and
proud above the desert floor. No one knows how far we have to
go, back into the days of long ago. Our golden ships shall
guide our way, as we pray the oasis is not far away.
Rolling sands part the away, as off we sail,
towards better days.

Showing off Gobi's new blanket
On Christmas Eve. Gobi got to go out for a walk around town.
We stop and took a rest break as the sun slowly sank below the
beautiful mountain tops that surround of Ojai.

Gobi the bactrian camel at camp along the Sespe River
Camping along the Sespe River. Gobi is free to roam around
enjoying himself. After all camping is supposed to be fun and
if your camel doesn't have some fun too, do you think they
will want to go camping again?

Gobi the bactrian camel at camp eating a tree
Near camp Gobi nibbles on a cotten-wood tree while enjoying it's shade.
He very much enjoys it when out camping and is allways eager for more.

Break time with Gobi the bactrain camel
When out camping we have a pleasant time relaxing and taking it easy.
After such a long trip in its nice to kick back and enjoy the wonders all around you.
Or just laying back in the warmth of the sun while birds are singing away off in the distance.

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