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Camel wings
High up in the pine covered mountains is one of the most beautiful places called Pine Mountain Lodge. Many years back there was a small hunting lodge built here, all of the supplies had to be packed in using mules and horses.
The trail coming up the mountain is very steep and dangers with shell rock slides covering the trail in numerous places. Most people would think a camel could never get to a place like this, but it can be done with a good camel!


Gobi the bactrian showing off his abilities

Up in the rocky pine covered mountains Gobi gets around with little effort. Eating pine needles, Manzanita, scrub oak, and a tough mountain grass. Most people believe that camels can't handle rough mountain trails, but this guy has been doing it most of his life, and can occasionally puts a horse to shame.
Gobi the bactrian camel on top of the world

Camping in the high mountains Gobi goes up to the top of the world checking out the gorgeous rock formation and pines surrounding the area.
Gobi the bactrian camel and Creek resting

Gobi is looking back for his horse friend to catch up, as we ford one of the many river crossings along the Sespe river. When out camping, all of the animals look out for their buddies.
Old cabin in the Santa Barbara back country

Hiking in the Santa Barbara backcountry on a two week excursion we came across this beautiful old cabin. The peaceful beauty of places like this leaves the heart longing to come back